Mode of Action


Marinosolv® is suitable for dissolving hardly soluble compounds of different classes.

The technology enables novel stable formulations in a micellar solution of practically insoluble compounds such as corticosteroids or immunosuppressants.

Marinosolv® is based on plant derived saponins (glycyrrhizin from liquorice root and escin from horse chestnut).


Increase of bioavailability in the target tissue.

Faster onset of action compared to suspensions due to higher bioavailability.

In currently marketed products, exemplified by intranasal steroids, an excess of compound is applied compared to the dissolved proportion of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), thus, a reduction of the total dose may be possible.

With suspensions, improper dosing may occur because patients often forget to shake the product.


Aseptic production with filtration may be possible and preservatives may be omitted.

Combination with other active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) may be easier to achieve.

Potential for cost of goods (COGS) reduction based on cheaper production processes.

Patent protection may be achieved for Marinosolv® based formulations with compounds that are off-patent otherwise.

New applications for highly insoluble substances in eyes, lungs, other mucosal tissues, or elsewhere are feasible which may result in low systemic availability and high local activity.

Increase of solubility of compounds due to Marinosolv®

Compound fold-increase of solubility compared to water
Budesonide > 10-fold
Fluticasone propionate 50-100-fold
Mometasone fuorate 100-fold
Macrolide immunosupressant
Cyclosporin A 30-fold
Pimecrolimus 80-fold
Tacrolimus 200-fold
Paclitaxel > 10-fold
Curcumin >1000-fold